News & Press

2020-08-12          Press release: II-VI Incorporated to Acquire Ascatron

2019-08-15          Article in Compound Semiconductor – Ascatron Eyes Mass Markets

2019-07-09          Press release: Ascatron secures 3.5 M€ funding for SiC product development and establishes volume production of its innovative SiC power diodes and MOSFETs

2019-05-01          Ascatron participates in EUREKA project SiCTAA to develop SiC devices for aerospace applications

2018-06-01          Ascatron participate in BBG project “Double presspack module” supported by Swedish Energy Agency

2017-11-23          GE Power Sweden use Ascatron’s 10kV PiN diodes in their next generation 100kV power supplies (article in swedish)

2017-09-18          Press release: Ascatron introduces its first Silicon Carbide power device products

2017-03-01          Ascatron joins European Industrial and Research Network for Power Electronics (ECPE)

2017-01-01          Ascatron participates in EU H2020 project CHALLENGE – exploring 3C-SiC for sustainable wide-band-gap power device

2016-06-28          MISTRA approves support to new research project CleanSiC coordinated by Ascatron in cooperation with GE Power Sweden, MA Kapslingsteknik, KTH and Acreo

2016-05-18          Press release: Ascatron raises 4 M€ in international financing

2016-02-15          Nordic Cleantech Open rates Ascatron in the top 25 best Nordic Cleantech startups

2015-10-05          Press release: Ascatron and LPE cooperate on 150 mm SiC epitaxy for power electronics

2015-09-30          Press release: Ascatron raised A-round funding from Italian VC Quadrivio & Como Venture

2015-06-29          Ascatron wins award at the Alpine High-tech Venture Forum 2015

2015-06-12          KIC InnoEnergy Executive Board supports Ascatron innovation project 3DSiC

2015-05-01          Ascatron participates in ECSEL JU project OSIRIS – Optimal SIC substRates for Integrated Microwave and Power CircuitS

2014-09-16          Press release: Ascatron and Norstel join forces to provide a complete offering in SiC epitaxy

2014-01-15          Ascatron participates in EU FP7 project SPEED – Silicon Carbide Power Electronics Technology for Energy Efficient Devices

2013-11-05          Ascatron wins award at the Nordic Venture Forum 2013

2013-10-28          Elektronik Tidningen writes about Ascatron (article in swedish)

2013-10-10          Ascatron selected as top 10 emerging company at the European
Venture Contest – Energy 2013

2013-05-10          Yole Développement’s power electronics magazine Power Dev’, April 2013: interview with Adolf Schöner, Ascatron’s director of technology and sales

2013-04-18          Ascatron receives 4,3MSEK grant from Vinnova for Eurostars project BESIDES – Beyond Existing silicon Carbide Devices aiming at extreme Severe Temperatures

2013-04-16          NyTeknik and Affärsvärlden rates Ascatron in the top “33 list” of hi-tech start-ups in Sweden (article in swedish)

2013-03-01          Ascatron becomes partner of SiC Power Center

2012-11-22          Ascatron wins 1,9MSEK from VINNOVA for development of high temperature diodes for compact powerelectronics (Forska&Väx project)

2011-09-12          Press release: Ascatron spins off from Acreo AB