Ascatron offers advanced Silicon Carbide (SiC) epitaxy material and custom specific device chip development and fabrication from prototyping to volume production.

SiC Epitaxy Material

Ascatron produces SiC epitaxy on up to 150 mm wafers with best in class uniformity. We offer a complete SiC material solution with flexible specifications.

  • Thick epilayers With or without buffer, low doped layers up to 250µm
  • Multi-layer structures Various doping levels, including pn-junctions
  • In process epitaxy Embedded & buried structures, contact layers

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SiC Device Fabrication

Ascatron delivers bare die on wafer according to the customer’s design. A custom specific fabrication process is prepared by combining and adjusting Ascatron standard process modules.

  • Complete process line. Prototype fabrication, pilot production
  • Full process control. Traceability, standard unit process modules
  • Wafer level testing. Measurement and analyzing, documentation

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