Ascatron offers special process and design solutions to improve the performance of the customer device:
Ascatron has developed a unique material technology (3DSiC®) that makes it possible to fully use the potential of Silicon Carbide (SiC) to handle very high power with minimal losses, while maintaining the reliability on same level as for Silicon devices. A buried doped grid sustains high voltage and reduces the electric field at the sensitive surface of the device. Our 3DSiC® technology makes it possible to lower the losses up to 30% compared to conventional solutions. This is achieved with lower Schottky barrier, higher mobility of MOSFET, efficient integration and less need for downgrading to maintain reliability requirements.

Performance of power semiconductors:

3DSiC® technology with buried doped grid to protect sensitive surface of chip from high electric field:

The 3DSiC® technology enables a modular design of our product line. Each device is divided in a high voltage module related to the desired voltage class, and a low voltage part for each type of component. Combination of different modules gives a wide range of products.  Development time is shortened, qualification simplified, and production can be streamlined.