Ascatron is developing next generation Silicon Carbide (SiC) power semiconductor devices using our proprietary 3DSiC® material technology with a quality and performance unattainable through current methods.
Ascatron is a Sweden based scale-up company with a background in producing advanced SiC semiconductor epi material and devices for global customers since 2011. We have recently transformed from a service provider to a device product company.

Vision, Mission & Business target
Ascatron vision is to provide the full power of SiC for maximum performance and sustainable use of electricity.
Our mission is to develop medium and high voltage power semiconductor products with minimal losses & reliable operation based on advanced SiC material technology.
Ascatron business target is to be a highly trusted and innovative supplier of SiC semiconductors for power electronics in industry, automotive and energy. We foresee a period of technology change within the power electronics industry and aim to take part in such industry consolidation.

Business model
Ascatron business model is semi-fabless where we design the power device and have in-house production of the 3DSiC® material on commercial SiC substrates, while chip fabrication and packaging are outsourced. Partnerships are established with component and power module providers to offer our 3DSiC® devices to producers and users of high power electronics.

Ascatron device development and SiC epi production is located at the Electrum Laboratory outside Stockholm. The clean-room has a total area of 1300 m2 and provides the access to all equipment needed for processing of 100 mm and 150 mm diameter wafers. Ascatron invest in design tools and own equipment for SiC epitaxy material manufacturing and device testing.

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Ascatron was founded in 2011 as spin-out from the research center Acreo after 20 years of R&D in SiC. Today owners are the management, Acreo and Angel investors from Sweden, industrial and VC investors from Italy and VC investors from China.

Key employees include 7 PhD with expertise in SiC on design, epitaxy, processing and device characterization, as well as several engineers with long experience in semiconductor manufacturing and marketing.

The management consists of the co-founders:

  • CEO, Christian Vieider – 25 years in management and semiconductor business development.
  • Director Technology and Sales, Adolf Schöner – PhD and international expert with 30 years’ in SiC technology.
  • Production Manager, Wlodek Kaplan  – PhD with 30 years’ in semiconductor and quality system.
  • Development Manager, Sergey Reshanov  – PhD in SiC with 20 years’ R&D experience in epi and devices.

Board of directors
The Board of Directors consists of:

  • Klas-Håkan Eklund – Invented the switch mode power supply and started Power Integrations in USA.
  • Per Zellman  Former CEO of Norstel. Experience from power converter industry.
  • Zhihan Wang – Started power electronics company Bronze in China.
  • Adolf Schöner – Co-founder and Director Technology & Sales.
  • Wlodek Kaplan – Co-founder and Production Manager.

Company History
2017 – Benchmark competitive performance of 1200V & 1700V 3DSiC® JBS diode. Demonstrate 10kV 3DSiC® PiN diode for industrial application of customer. Setup JV sales company BASiC in China with 2 M€ separate funding.
2016 – Finalize A-round financing with Italian and Chinese VC. Demonstrate best-in class SiC epi material on 150mm substrates. 30+ global customers.
2015 – InnoEnergy innovation funding for scale-up of 3DSiC® material technology. Co-operation with epi equipment producer LPE.
2014 – Demonstrate first 3DSiC® JBS diode for 250C high temp operation.
2013 – Grant from Vinnova, Eurostars and EU for development of epi and device technology.
2012 – Deliver epi material without bipolar degradation for BJT to Fairchild (now On Semi).
2011 – Spin-out from Swedish research center Acreo after 20 years of R&D in SiC for ABB, Denso and Hoya.

Reference research projects

Main partners
Milano-B U (IT), LiU (SE)
GE (SE), Acreo (SE), KTH (SE),
3DSiCKICinnoenergy / EIT
LPE (IT), Acreo(SE), GE (SE)
OSIRISECSEL / H2020 / Vinnova
III/V lab (FR), Norstel(SE),
LiU (SE)
ABB (CH), Norstel(SE), CNM (ES),
Infineon(DE AS), Fraunhofer(DE)
PiNSiC Power C / Vinnova
GE (SE), Acreo (SE)
STMicro (FR), Airbus (FR),
Thales (FR)
BESIDESEurostars / Vinnova
Cissoid (BE)
High Temp DiodeVinnova