Ascatron provide next generation Silicon Carbide (SiC) power semiconductors using our proprietary 3DSiC® technology with a quality and performance unattainable through current methods. SiC radically reduces losses in electrical transformers, and lowers system costs, making it key for electric vehicles and renewable energy as well as many other applications. By developing the most reliable and efficient SiC devices we want to contribute to a sustainable use of electric energy.

Ascatron is a Sweden based company with background in producing advanced SiC epi material and devices for global customers since 2011. We have recently transformed from a service provider to a device product company with semi-fabless business model. Our SiC epi material fabrication and device prototyping is located in the Electrum Laboratory in Stockholm.

We now offer our first 3DSiC® power diode products for customer testing.

  • Schottky diodes – Rated for 1200V and 1700V. Lowest threshold voltage and high surge current. High temperature option available.
  • PiN diodes – Rated for 10kV. Lowest on-state voltage and avalanche capability. No bipolar degradation. Novel packaging solution.
  • Custom products – Ascatron 3DSiC® devices adapted to specific requirements. Development of new devices based on 3DSiC®.

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Ascatron continues to support customers with small scale manufacturing of advanced SiC epi material and custom designed devices.

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